A Slimmer Me Weight Loss Surgery Program

Regain health and loose an average of 60-80% of your excess weight fast and safely!
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J.L. Prado: "A Slimmer Me": Transformation in Tijuana

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Welcome to our Weight loss surgery program “A Slimmer Me” here, we create new beginnings. A Slimmer Me is a bariatric and weight loss center located in Tijuana, Mexico.

We specialize in Medical Tourism! All of our packages are all-inclusive. We do it all for our local & international patients. Here we will take care of your transportation, surgery, hotel, medical fees, nutritionist, anesthesia, preoperative labs, preoperative evaluation, recovery and more!
We completely understand that seeking weight loss surgery is not easy, that is why we want to guide you and help you choose the right procedure to help you prevent, regulate and in many cases cure metabolic diseases and of course, help you reach your goal weight fast and safely!



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All of our procedures are minimally invasive!

What is our advanced laparoscopic surgery technique? It involves the use of a laparoscope, a small, advanced medical camera, and precise surgical tools to perform bariatric surgery inside the body without making large incisions or exposing internal organs. When this weight loss surgery is performed with this minimally invasive technique, many patients enjoy reduced hospital stays with minimal pain, discomfort and a speedy recovery! 2-3 hours after surgery, our patients are already walking.

Why choose A Slimmer Me?

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Fill the application

On the application page, you will have to fill in the information required and send it. In the next few hours, you will receive an email or a phone call from us to explain what you should do next, and we will also be there to answer any questions or inquiries you may have.

Payment and Schedule

When our doctors approve your application, you will receive a notification. We will send you the payment information so that you can make a deposit or transfer of 10% of the cost of the chosen package. Send us your voucher, and we will get in touch with you to set your appointment.

When you get to your appointment

We will take care of moving you to the surgical center if you are an air traveler. Once here, after filling some forms, our doctors and nurses will proceed to perform the pre-operative studies: Cardiac assessment, blood laboratory, spirometry and endoscopy.

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