Our Facilities

J.L. Prado Center: Facilities and Recovery House in Tijuana

Comfortable Recovery Spaces in Bariatric, Cosmetic, and General Surgery

Why have a surgery and recover in a hospital when you can have both a Hospital and a Hotel in one place at the same time?

In JL Prado Surgical Center, not only will you have the best results and excellent care, you will also feel like you are on vacation in a friendly environment.

We have upgraded our facilities.

Now with our own ICU and our private hospital rooms considered each one of them an Intermediate care unit where you are monitored all the way to our nurse’s station 24/7 with our new telemetry system, you can feel safer being attended every moment from a closer watch.


Our recovery house has modern facilities, as well as the necessary medical staff to provide the best service and care. We receive patients from plastic surgery and bariatric surgery. It has a nursing team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including a doctor on call.
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