Our Story: Committed to Excellence in Surgery in Tijuana

Our legacy in experience in Bariatric, Cosmetic, and General Surgery

J.L. Prado Surgical Center’s Surgical Center is renowned for its expertise in Bariatric, Cosmetic, and General Surgery. Our legacy in the history of Tijuana is built upon Dr. Juan Luis Prado Burgueño, a prominent Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and one of the pioneers of medicine in Tijuana.

Dr. Prado is considered a pioneer in plastic surgery in the Tijuana region. In addition to founding the first ambulatory surgery clinic, he also developed new surgical techniques and procedures that are still used today. His experience and knowledge allowed many patients to achieve exceptional results, earning him a reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in the area.

But Dr. Prado’s legacy is not limited to his professional achievements. As a mentor and teacher, he left a lasting mark on the medical community in Tijuana. Many of his students have followed in his footsteps and become highly respected plastic surgeons throughout Mexico and beyond.

Today, the Tijuana plastic surgery school continues to evolve and grow thanks to Dr. Prado’s influence. His commitment to excellence and innovation remains an inspiration to all those who seek to improve the lives of their patients through plastic surgery.

Dr. Prado will always be remembered as a visionary leader in his field, whose work has left an indelible mark on the history of plastic surgery in Tijuana and beyond.

He was admired and loved by many people because he devoted his life to serve and help others.
Dr. Juan Luis Prado, founder of JLPrado Clinic, confidently smiling in his medical attire.


We are a family owned medical company who demands the highest quality standards to all doctors and staff that wants to be part of us, so we can obtain the best results and offer them to people who are in search of a better and healthier life. Our father founded this company in 1985, he was an international recognized plastic surgeon, passed away in 1999.

We took over his legacy to continue expanding his work to new horizons, In his honor we have created different medical programs to continue helping people. We have an excellent team because our doctors, nurses, administratives, patient coordinators, drivers and other staff are hired once they qualify with our strict requirements and high standards.

With our medical specialties, we have dedicated years to performing medical procedures that have changed the life of thousands of people, helping them to obtain a healthier life and making them feel more secure about themselves.

One of our mayor concerns is to offer an excellent service and care, avoiding any possible risk at all times. Our patients’ wellbeing is our main priority.

Every one of our patients has trusted us and now have become our family. We invite you to come and join us with your trust and become a part of our family. We guarantee that you’ll be in the best hands.


All of our doctors are certified surgeons with extensive experience in various surgical procedures.
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