24 septiembre, 2022


15 marzo, 2019

How to maintain an active sexual life in old age?

When it reaches a certain age it is very common for sexual activity to diminish and even to disappear, this is not necessarily because the couple […]
7 septiembre, 2018

Low intensity shock waves in urological problems

Dr. Juan C. Gonzalez and Alejandro Lira, are now at the forefront of our urolgy program A Better Man by JLPrado Surgical Center
6 agosto, 2018

Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico

México es un país lleno de médicos altamente capacitados y entrenados en estándares internacionales, que continuamente actualizan su capacitación agregando nuevas habilidades y conocimientos a sus prácticas.
12 junio, 2018

Step by Step – Bariatrics

Thinking about undergoing a sleeve procedure can generate anxiety and nervousness, as well as excitement and enthusiasm.