How to maintain an active sexual life in old age?

When it reaches a certain age it is very common for sexual activity to diminish and even to disappear, this is not necessarily because the couple doesn’t want to have sex, but because the body itself no longer allows it. In almost all cases the problem is that from...

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How to know if I need to go to the urologist?

Before anything else, to know when you need to go to the urologist in Tijuana, it is important to know what is urology. Urology is a medical-surgical specialty that is responsible for studying, diagnosing and treating pathologies that affect the urinary system,...

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Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico

México es un país lleno de médicos altamente capacitados y entrenados en estándares internacionales, que continuamente actualizan su capacitación agregando nuevas habilidades y conocimientos a sus prácticas. Read more