Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Policy: Important Details

Information about Appointment Cancellation

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•Reschedule Policy•

**Reschedule must be made 3 weeks prior to surgery date in order to avoid any fees. One time reschedule only, a second reschedule, patient will lose initial deposit and will have to start the process all over including initial deposit.

-**If surgery is cancelled due to not following the diet, pre-surgical indications or any other circumstance that is not medical, the money paid for surgery will not be refunded. –

**If surgery is canceled due to a health problem during pre-op evaluation, deposit and $1,200 USD will be deducted to cover medical expenses and the rest will be reimbursed to the patient.

**Deposits are NON- TRANSFERIBLE.

** After making your initial deposit, this will be valid for 6 months (non-refundable), after those 6 months if you do not schedule you will have to make another deposit.

What kind of refund am I entitled to if I cancel my surgery booking?

JL Prado surgical center programs require the payment at the time of booking of a nonrefundable deposit. That initial deposit amount shall not be refunded at any time after it has been paid. Change fees will apply to bookings for which the deposit is nonrefundable.


Cancellation of Surgery (Additional payments) The amount of the cancellation charge shall be determined as shown in the table below and shall vary depending on how far in advance of the surgery date (or first day of pre-op evaluation, the Coordinator receives notice of cancellation. The initial deposit of 10% (not refundable) will be valid for 6 months, starting the date it was paid

Cancellation Time Frame Cancellation Charge
75 Days or more of Pre-op Evaluation No Charge (Except for non refundable deposit 10% cost of package
74 - 61 days prior Pre-op Evaluation 50% of additional payments not refundable
60-31 days prior Prep-op Evaluation 75% of additional payments not refundable
30 days or less prior Pre-op Evaluation 100% additional payments not refundable
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