J.L. Prado Success Stories: "A Slimmer Me" Patients in Tijuana

Discover the incredible transformations of our patients on their bariatric surgeries in Tijuana

On JL Prado Surgical Center, you will find inspiring testimonials from patients who have undergone a remarkable transformation in their weight and quality of life thanks to the Slimer program. These success stories are a testament to the program’s effectiveness and the dedication of the medical team at JL Prado Surgical Center. Discover how these individuals have achieved their weight loss goals, improved their health, and regained self-confidence. If you’re seeking an effective and long-lasting weight loss solution, these testimonials will motivate you to take the first step toward a healthier and happier life.

Weight loss success stories

Donna Mariana Grant
New Zeland
Gastric Sleeve

Treneece Allen
San Antonio, Texas
Gastric Sleeve

Tood Leblanc
Alberta Canada
Gastric Sleeve

Oscar Aguilar
Gastric Sleeve

Lisa Griffith
Phoenix, Arizona
Gastric Sleeve

Dixie Cliff
Decatur Illinois
Gastric Sleeve

Daniella Pedroza
South Gate California
Gastric Sleeve

Christina Justice
Houston, Texas
Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

Araceli Carranza
Portland, Oregon
Gastric Sleeve

Abraham Felix
Gastric Sleeve

Kasiah Moore
Gastric Sleeve

James Cruz
Houston, Texas
Gastric Sleeve

Mathew Magnigold
Gastric Sleeve

Alexandra Davis
Gastric Sleeve

Yesenia Soriano
Los Angeles CA
Gastric Sleeve

Trey Patterson
Los Angeles CA
Gastric Sleeve

Mohammed Majeed
Houston, Texas
Gastric Sleeve

Molly Martinez
Los Angeles
Gastric Bypass

Roshunda Mathis
Dallas, Texas

Michael Jordan
Knoxville, Tennessee

Linda Morgan
Lexington Mississippi

Jennifer Ornelas
Gastric Sleeve

North Carolina
Gastric Sleeve

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Gastric Sleeve

Jasmine Robinson
Mini Bypass

Gastric Bypass

Mariel Rodriguez
Providence, Rhode Island
Gastric Sleeve

Sheryl Smith
Houston, Texas
Gastric Sleeve

Taskia Johnson
Springdale, Arkansas
Gastric Sleeve

Anderson Castaño
Gastric Sleeve

Paulina - Seattle, Washington Gastric Bypass

Miriam Mendiola - Portland Oregon Gastric Bypass

O´Shia - Las Vegas Nevada Gastric Bypass

Karina Solis - Tucson Arizona Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve and Hernia Surgery in Tijuana

Hinemoa Mills - Gastric Sleeve New Zealand

Rebeca - Gastric Sleeve New Zealand

Lacie Wright - Gastric Sleeve Springhill Florida

Zquavia - Gastric Sleeve

Candance Drayton - Phoenix Arizona Gastric Bypass

Angela Aceves - Revision Gastric Bypass California

Cameron - One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass

Hikurangi Mills - Gastric Sleeve New Zealand

Guillermo Frieder - One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass Florida

Corey Noe - Las Vegas Gastric Sleeve

Sierra - Gastric Sleeve Revision

Courtney Stroud - Charlotte North Carolina Gastric Sleeve

Darcelene - Atlanta Georgia Gastric Sleeve

Yolanda Velarde - Atlanta Georgia Gastric Sleeve

Shavika Miles - Atlanta Georgia Gastric Sleeve

Rebecca Hummer - Charlotte North Carolina Gastric Sleeve

Edgar Gutierrez - Gastric Bypass

Jake - Olympia Washington Gastric Sleeve

Whitney Fezzey - Oklahoma Mini Gastric Bypass

Hellen Littleton - Gastric Sleeve Atlanta Georgia

Eileen Nuñez - Las Vegas Nevada Gastric Sleeve

Brandy Strickland - Atlanta Georgia Gastric Bypass Route X en Y

Fabianna Sotero - Miami Florida Mini Gastric Bypass

Embria from Michigan

April Severne - From Louisville Mississippi

Carolina Del Valle From Daytona Beach, Florida

Erica Henderson From Shreveport, Lousiana

April From Florida

Amanda From Arkansaw

Tina Bowman From Gray, Tennessee

Diana Varela From Kansas City, Missouri

Toni Torres From Pauls Valley Oklahoma

Samathan Elizabeth Sherman

Holly Agustin

Lena Graham

Peggy Ann Leis

Allison Benge

Tasha Crum

Kenyatta Holmes F

Leslie Clingenpeel

Mia Evans

Heather Cope Borger F

Paige Mahaley F

Tanner Thompson

Do i qualify for weight loss surgery quiz?

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, has transformed the lives of many, offering a lasting solution to the battle against obesity. However, it’s crucial to understand that not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Determining if you’re a good fit for bariatric surgery involves considering various factors, including your medical history, your current emotional state, and your long-term goals.

If you’re considering this option and wonder if you qualify for weight loss surgery, we invite you to get in touch with us. At JL Prado, our specialists will be delighted to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Weight loss surgery before and after

Fotografia antes y despues cirugia bariatrica en tijuana JL Prado
JL Prado Surgical Center's before and after photos highlighting the effective outcomes of weight loss surgery
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