A dental implant is a treatment plan characterized by the replacement of teeth that have been damaged due to periodontal disease, gum disease, accident, or have fallen out naturally. The tooth will be replaced with an artificial tooth root that has the shape of a screw, which will be placed in the jaw bone; this through dental surgery. Once the dental implant is in place, the osseointegration process will begin, where the tooth will be integrated into the bone structure, allowing support for the dental crown to be placed.

Because it is a method that provides many benefits, in the last decades, it has become the most popular dental treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Besides, many American and Mexican populations suffer from some mouth dental condition, which requires this service to obtain functional teeth and a healthy smile. On the other hand, since dental implants are a technique that will require a multi-step surgical procedure, and in many cases invasive surgery depending on the medical conditions, it is usually one of the most expensive but most effective dental treatment options to fix missing teeth.

What is the average price of dental implants in the United States?

Dental implant prices may vary depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and whether the patient has any mouth dental complications that need to be treated first. Replacement teeth in the U.S. can range from 500 to 1,000 dlls per tooth, one of the least expensive options; this does not consider additional procedures such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, or any other dental procedure.

Another factor that has an influence on the price of the dental implant procedure is the type of tooth to be replaced. Molar teeth usually have the same price as a single dental implant, while front tooth implants typically have a higher price due to this area’s complexity. This is because the cosmetic dentist must exactly match specific details of the natural front teeth, such as color and shape. This provides the perfect smile.

In addition to the base price, which, as mentioned, is between 500 and 1.00 dlls, there are additional costs that can increase the price exaggeratedly or only to a minimum, depending on the clinic. This additional charge refers to the processes performed during dental implant treatments, such as evaluation, medical exams, tooth extraction, and more. Also, depending on the type of implants, prices may change.

Average cost of dental implants by type

Depending on the type of implant that the expert recommends according to the previous diagnosis, it will be the average cost or total cost of the dental implant. Different types of implants fulfill specific functions; that’s why some may be more economical than others.

Mini implants

These dental implants can be an excellent economical option. Although they were developed to hold the dentures in place, many clinics offer them as an alternative treatment, especially when there is bone loss. Although this can be a great advantage, many do not have the same resistance as a regular dental implant. Their price ranges from 500- 1,000 dlls per tooth.

Traditional dental implants

This dental implant is characterized by using a titanium post implanted in the root canal, where a single tooth will be placed. The dental professional can make the decision to choose the material for the implant crown, depending on the needs and habits of each person. If proper dental hygiene is followed, they can last 10 to 15 years. The approximate cost is 3,000-4,500 dlls for each tooth.

All on 4 implants

All on 4 dental implants are a type of dental implant process in which professionals use a titanium alloy to secure and stabilize dentures to the dental bridge, thus increasing this process’s success rate. All on 4 implants is a treatment that offers variety, either to provide a removable denture option that can be extracted at any time or fixed implants that are implanted by the dental surgeon through screws. The cost range depends on what type of All on 4 is to be used. Removable is priced between 7,000- 17,000 dlls; while fixed is between 15,000- 28,000 dlls.

Same day Implants

This same day implant service is characterized by the fact that the dental surgeon performs the teeth extraction and the bone graft in a single consultation. For this implant process, the patient must meet specific requirements to be placed, especially that they take proper dental care. The approximate price of the same day dental implants is 5,000- 8,500 dlls.

Why is the implant procedure so expensive?

Contrary to what many people think, dental implants are not a simple procedure that will last a lifetime; the multiple processes that the oral surgeon performs to provide a solution to missing teeth are usually very complicated. Certain complications can also make the surgical process more complicated, such as extreme tooth decay, oral disease, allergies to certain materials or antibiotics, and poor proper care of oral hygiene.

Type of materials

In many cases, depending on the circumstances of the person’s oral health, during implant surgery, the implant specialist may require biomaterials in cases where bone grafting is necessary due to a mouth dental problem. This type of material is special, so it is usually more expensive, but it offers more excellent safety and effectiveness, increasing the treatment price.

Multidisciplinary work

The treatment with implants implies the effort, knowledge, and the level of experience of different specialists of the implant centers. For example, a periodontist who is in charge of solving periodontal problems that can affect the bones, as well as the work of a dental implant dentist.

Post-operative treatments and the type of implant

As mentioned above, the dental implant may be accompanied by more dental services that may increase the final price for tooth replacement and the type of implants that will be placed.

Dental implant procedure

Phase one: Consultation and evaluation

Before an implant dentist decides on the best tooth replacement option, the dentist will thoroughly analyze the person’s oral cavity and dental histories so that he or she can determine if this procedure is possible. Within these steps, x-rays and other examinations will be performed, which will be extremely important so that risks can be avoided that could alter the health of healthy teeth.

Second phase: Intervention

The implants’ placement will be done under local anesthesia; its duration may vary depending on the number of teeth replaced. At this stage, the dental implant dentist will place the screw, which will function as an artificial tooth root.

Third stage: Healing

Once the dental implant dentist has placed the implant, it will be necessary for patients to wait for the healing process to be completed, as this provides stability to the support that has been placed. For aesthetic purposes, a prosthesis will be placed.

Fourth phase: Final prosthesis

Once the healing process has taken place, the implant dentists will analyze if this step was generated correctly to place the artificial teeth utilizing an abutment, which will provide greater support.

Fifth Phase: Follow up and care

Constant consultations and good hygiene in the oral cavity are crucial elements to avoid inconveniences that can alter the results or cause problems such as damage to gum tissues or nerves, cavities, or gum disease.

Implant patients obtain many benefits for their dental health and personal well-being. Also, implants are durable, offer a natural looking smile, are safe, preserve the oral cavity’s bone health, and allow for good hygiene. That is why the average cost of dental implants is high compared to other cosmetic procedures.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Although dental insurance may offer payment options and some discount dental plans, the insurance company does not cover implant dentistry treatments. Usually, their focus is more on pre-dentistry and the initial consultation for a procedure. Still, a plus is that, through the services they cover, pre-dental implant procedures can be performed through dental insurance, thus decreasing dental implants’ average cost.

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