Types of urinary incontinence in Tijuana

How to solve urinary incontinence problems?

Before talking about how to solve this problem it is important to know what urinary incontinence is. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary exit of urine caused by the loss of control in the bladder. This occurs when the pressure inside the bladder is higher than the pressure in the urethra. The symptoms occur when a person feels a sudden great need to urinate and it is impossible to hold it. These urine outflows can occur when you sneeze, laugh or do some physical exertion.

Although incontinence is not a disease if it is a hygienic, social and psychic problem, which influences the daily activity of people and therefore reduces their quality of life. Incontinence is much more common among women, children and the elderly. An expert in Urology in Tijuana can help solve the problem of urinary incontinence

Types of urinary incontinence

  • Urinary overflow incontinence

In this type of urinary incontinence, the loss of urine occurs because the bladder is distended due to obstruction and inability to empty.
There are two causes of urinary incontinence due to overflow:

Neurological: A neurological damage caused by spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis or surgical interventions that affect the pelvic nerve and cause the involuntary outflow of urine.

Organic: In this case the bladder loses tension due to an obstruction that prevents the passage of urine and is unable to empty, which causes overflow. Prostate tumors and benign prostatic hypertrophy are the main diseases that cause this type of incontinence.

  • Effort urinary incontinence

In this type of incontinence, the loss of urine occurs when a person is performing any movement or physical activity, such as laughing, sneezing, exercising, sitting or standing, among others, and the urine leaks may be only a few drops or large amounts.

The origin of this incontinence is found in the urethra. Physical exertion, even a slight one, causes an increase in pressure in the bladder, but it is not transmitted to the urethra, which triggers incontinence.

  • Urinary incontinence of urgency

This type of urinary incontinence consists of the involuntary loss of urine associated with a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. The origin of this type of incontinence is found in the detrusor.
There are two types of urge urinary incontinence:

Motor incontinence: It consists of the loss of urine, which is motivated by a detrusor overactivity, that is, a failure in the motor inhibition of the reflex in the urge to urinate. It is caused, mainly, by psychic mechanisms, efforts or obstruction.

Sensitive incontinence: It is caused by an increase in the sensory impulses from the receptors that are in the bladder walls. What causes an early feeling of fullness and urgency to urinate.

In case of suffering from urinary incontinence, it is necessary to go with an expert in urology in Tijuana that can help us solve any problem we have regarding urinary incontinence. Many times the symptoms are presented little by little, if you have any of these and you think you may suffer from urinary incontinence, do not wait for it to advance more and become more serious, visit a specialist in urology in Tijuana so he can give yourself a treatment that helps you solve these problems.

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