Patients from the U.S. and Canada increasingly prefer to make appointments through the phone with Mexican dentists, since dental clinics in Mexico are much cheaper than dentists in the U.S. and the best of all is that you can find the highest quality dental work costs in Mexico. In fact, in addition to its beaches, landscapes and gastronomy, Mexico has become a country quite famous for its dental care and medical services, especially for American tourists and Canadian citizens. Mexico is no longer just a destination for vacationing, but also for its dentists, thanks to its low costs, because people can save huge amounts of money, which has made it a medical tourism destination. 

In fact, so much is the popularity of dental medical tourism in Mexico, that the dentistry industry, only in 2018 had already managed to reach a value of 1,000 million dollars a year in Mexico.  

Main reasons why dental work in Mexico has become so popular

There are many reasons why people increasingly prefer to have dental care in Mexico than in other countries, especially Americans, below we will mention the main ones: 

Warm attention 

If there is something that characterizes the people of Mexico is the warmth of their people, they are all very friendly and when it comes to providing a service, they strive to do it in the best possible way with the best quality. That is why more and more people decide to attend in Mexico, because being patients, they know they will receive the best dental care in Mexico from their dentist.

Really low prices 

It is no surprise to anyone that the prices in the U.S. for medical and dental services are quite high, in fact this is the main reason why many people do not have access to basic health services, as it is quite difficult to perform such large expenses being patients. In the U.S., a person can pay up to $ 2,000 for a root canal, while in Mexico they would only have to pay 30% of that amount or even less, depending on the dental clinic where they attend, because in Mexico they can also be found different price ranges in dentistry for different dental care services like root canals, crowns, implants and more, however the average cost of these procedures are much cheaper than those that are performed in dental offices of the U.S. and Canadian dentists, that is totally sure, so the savings are huge.

You can take advantage to vacation

Another reason why there are more dental tourists in Mexico who choose to have their dentistry treatments like a root canal, porcelain crowns or dental implant surgeries, and that in fact is linked to the previous point is that people can take advantage of the trip and use the money that they are going to save in dentistry and time to vacation with the family in the dental tourism destinations, since the prices of plane tickets and tourist stays in Mexico are also quite cheap, so if a person requires a long dental care treatment like dental implants or dental crowns that can take weeks, they can use the weeks to visit different places in a tourist destination in Mexico and rest in a hotel as medical tourists in addition to treatment plan, without the need for extra trips.

 The fear of dental treatments 

However, the fact that dental care treatment costs are so low leads many people to wonder if it is safe to cross the border to perform procedures in dental clinics in the foreign country of Mexico and be dental patients, since many times the fact that mexican dentistry treatment is so cheap can lead to the belief that there can be the risk that it is of poor quality, without experience or with no standards. This is what many people think, especially those who have never been patients or have received medical or dental care in dentist offices in Mexico. 

This is a belief that must be eradicated, because in all parts of the world you can find hundreds of dentists who perform bad dental care treatments because they do not have the necessary knowledge and experience, not only in Mexico, bad dentists are everywhere. Therefore, something that people should worry about is looking for dental clinics where they can guarantee quality dental procedure with a licensed dentist. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies and the internet, people have the opportunity to verify from a distance in their country of origin through websites or social networks, if the dental clinic in Mexico where they plan to have dental treatment is a reputable clinic with reputable dentists, you can see this through reviews, before and after photos of dental treatments and more. You will easily know which are the popular dentist towns, and the best dentists with more phone appointments and the cheap prices.

In Mexico there are many dentists who have the necessary training to offer the best dental treatments, in fact many of them have studied at the best dental schools in Mexico and others have studied in other countries, including the U.S. among them. So the answer is YES, it is safe to get the many options that the dental services in Mexico has to offer, as long as the person makes sure to attend a good dental clinic with the best dentists

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