When it reaches a certain age it is very common for sexual activity to diminish and even to disappear, this is not necessarily because the couple doesn’t want to have sex, but because the body itself no longer allows it. In almost all cases the problem is that from a certain age it is difficult for the penis to have or even maintain an erection.
In men with the passage of time, many things change, these changes can significantly affect sexual life. One of the things that change with age is testosterone, it decreases and causes that the desire to make love decrease, it takes more time to get and maintain an erection and therefore reach orgasm. Erectile dysfunction is very common in older people and because of this many times, they can also present problems in the prostate.

When men suffer from impotence problems it can be a sign that there are problems in the cardiovascular system. This is because over the years the size of the penis changes because the small arteries that irrigate it are coated with fatty substances, this process is called atherosclerosis and can lead a person to suffer a heart attack. It is also important to mention that the weight gain and fat accumulation that occurs in the lower abdomen also can make the penis look smaller.

Many times this type of things that brings with it old age can cause problems between couples, due to the dissatisfaction and sexual frustration caused by these problems with the penis. This can lead both men and women to feel bad about themselves and in the case of couples, there may even be a separation. And although previously there was nothing to do about this, because when problems with the penis were presented there was nothing to do but adapt, however nowadays medicine has advanced a lot and there is already a solution for this: the penile prosthesis in Tijuana.

What is a penile prosthesis in Tijuana?

The penile prosthesis implant surgery is a surgery that solves sexual problems once and for all since it allows the sexual function to be fully recovered.
It consists of a mechanical device composed of cylinders biologically compatible with the penis. These cylinders are responsible for replacing the interior of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, through which the erection is obtained naturally by concentrating the blood inside. These cylinders are connected to a small pump that sits between the testicles. Simple erection based on the palpation of the pump can activate and deactivate the erection. This prosthesis allows an erection when desired.

To be a candidate for a penile prosthesis it is necessary to be sexually active and not have had any response to other treatments to treat erectile dysfunction. There are few contraindications so that almost anyone can perform it without a problem. The satisfaction rates of patients and their partners are very high which indicates that a penile prosthesis in Tijuana is an excellent option.
So in order to maintain an active sexual life in old age, a penile prosthesis in Tijuana is an excellent option if none of the other treatments works.