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What is the treatment?

It is used to restore teeth damaged by caries or trauma, mainly, but also for purely aesthetic treatments.
This procedure consists in eliminating tooth decay from a dental piece so that this disease does not progress and affects the nerve of the tooth, which would result in having to perform a root canal or root canal treatment.


How is it performed?

Before starting the procedure, the dentist applies local anesthesia in cases that require it.
That is, this technique is used when tooth decay is very advanced and affects dentin, which is the part of the deepest tooth and where the nerve endings are found.
The dentist removes tooth decay. By removing the part of the tooth that is not healthy, it leaves a cavity that must be filled later.
To fill the gap left after caries cleaning we generally use composite. Once the dentist has finished filling the cavity, light is applied so that the material hardens.
Once we have completed the previous step, we polish the filling and perform a bite test. In this way, we ensure that the aesthetic and functional result is optimal.


The main benefit of dental resins is to eliminate decay to prevent it from growing and thus endodontic treatment is unnecessary.


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