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What is the treatment?

A root canal, or what is commonly known as “killing the nerve”, consists, in broad strokes, of cleaning the diseased pulp tissue of the tooth and filling it again with biocompatible material to subsequently seal it.


How is it performed?

Preparation for endodontic treatment: before starting the procedure it is important to inject local anesthesia in the area so as not to feel any pain.

Perforation: the dentist makes a small hole in the crown of the molar tooth to remove tooth decay and reach the pulp chamber.
Eliminate the infected pulp: this is a very important step to ensure that the infection of the tooth ends and all the infected part is eliminated.

Root canal cleaning: the endodontist uses an antibiotic gel to clean and sterilize the tooth. This ensures that the tooth is completely healthy before refilling it.

Filling: the walls of the root canals are sealed to protect the tooth from irritation, then the ducts are completely filled with composite resins that adapt perfectly to the hole they have to cover.

Preparation of the dental crown: the dentist prepares the tooth to place a dental crown. It does this by taking an impression of the area that is sent to the laboratory where the custom crown is manufactured. At that time, a temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth until the final one is ready.

Placement of the dental crown: in the subsequent visit, the definitive crown is cemented in the tooth and the treatment is finished.


This is one of the most used treatments in dentistry and is intended to save a dental piece that is considered dead, sick or damaged.


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