Meet Dr. Fredy López López: Bariatric Surgeon

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Fredy Lopez Lopez, M.D.



Discover the expertise and skills of Dr. Fredy Lopez Lopez

As a transplant surgeon, I have performed organ procurement surgeries for transplant purposes both in public and private hospitals.

Since I joined sharp hospital in Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico, we have performed six kidney transplants from living donor with excellent results and 100% survival so far. You can investigate them in the records of CENATRA (Centro Nacional de Trasplantes), and also in sharp hospital records. I have performed many kidney transplants from living donor in the Mexican social security institute hospital, in the state of Sinaloa Mexico and more than 50 transplants in hospital “primero de octubre” of ISSSTE (1ro de octubre, instituto de seguridad y servicio social de los trabajadores del estado) in Mexico City, those made during the medical residency in transplants in Mexico City that lasted two years.

I have an accumulated experience of more than 60 cases of whipple surgery, for both, benign and malignant pathology of the pancreas and bile duct components. Likewise, I have passion for pancreas and bile duct surgery, due to the complexity of these procedures, in Mexico not many surgeons has the initiative or interest in doing this type of surgery.

I have experience in bariatric and metabolic surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. Procedures that are very popular now these days, due to the problem of obesity that we face worldwide.

In Mexico these surgeries have become a very popular alternative for patients from other countries with obesity, due to the low cost of this surgery in our country and medical tourism programs.

I will contribute with responsibility, with all my ability, knowledge, ethical and moral values, to the medical institution where I am allowed to practice my profession as a surgeon, contributing to the achievement of its objectives, mission and vision.



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