Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza: A Renowned Authority in Anesthesiology, Algology, and Palliative Care.

Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza M.D

Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza: Distinguished Specialist in Anesthesiology, Algology, and Comprehensive Palliative Care


Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza: Eminent Professional in the Fields of Anesthesiology, Algology, and Palliative Medicine

Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza: A Respected Leader in Anesthesiology, Algology, and the Practice of Palliative Care.

Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza represents the pinnacle of medical expertise in anesthesiology, algology, and palliative care. Her journey in medicine commenced with her graduation as a Medical Surgeon from the Centro de Estudios Universidad Xochicalco in Ensenada, BCN, in 2013, setting a strong foundation for her illustrious career.

Her expertise in anesthesiology is vast and multifaceted, encompassing ambulatory surgeries, general surgery, critical patient management, neurosurgery, oncological surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic and bariatric surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, advanced airway management, endoscopies, and anesthesia in gynecology, obstetrics, trauma, and orthopedics. This extensive experience was honed during her residency at IMSS HGR No. 66 in Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, where she was certified by the National Council of Anesthesiology until 2027.

Dr. Mendoza’s commitment to continual learning and specialization is further evidenced by her high specialization in Algology from the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, completed in 2023. This advanced training has equipped her with unparalleled skills in managing both acute and chronic pain, including pain of oncological origin, post-surgical pain, and neuropathic pain among various patient demographics, including geriatric patients.

Additionally, her dedication to compassionate care shines through her specialization in Palliative Care, accredited by the Universidad Anáhuac in 2023. This specialization enables her to provide holistic and empathetic care to oncological and non-oncological patients, focusing on improving their quality of life.

Dr. Mendoza’s academic prowess is complemented by her active engagement in the scientific community, with publications in “J Fam Med” and “Anestesia en México”, and participations in national conferences and courses in anesthesiology and pain management.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Dr. Mendoza’s linguistic skills enhance her ability to connect with a diverse patient population and collaborate with international medical professionals.

As a highly skilled anesthesiologist, algologist, and palliative care specialist, Dr. Nallely Corral Mendoza stands as a beacon of expertise and compassion in the medical field, dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to her patients.


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