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What is the treatment?

A crown is used to completely cover a destroyed tooth. In addition, it can be used to improve the appearance, shape or alignment of the tooth. A crown can also be placed on an implant to achieve the shape and functional structure of a tooth.
It is possible to match the color of porcelain or ceramic crowns with that of their natural teeth.

Metal porcelain crown

These crowns manage to combine the hardness of the metal and the resistance with the aesthetics of the porcelain, this provides an effective solution to supplant any piece regardless of its position in the mouth or its usefulness. The metallic material is inserted in the lower part and the porcelain is held on top of it.


How is it performed?

Placing a dental crown is a process that consists of a series of steps that are performed in the dental clinic and the first of this is to make a mold of the tooth that will help us prepare a provisional crown. Once the pertinent measures have been taken, it will be time to perform the dental carving, this being a process that is carried out through the administration of local anesthesia and in which the tooth will be carved into a conical stump that will allow us to insert the crown with the desired settings.


Replace large seals, when there is not enough tooth left.
Prevent a weakened tooth from fracturing.
Repair a fractured tooth.
Place a bridge.
Cover a dental implant.
Cover a discolored or deformed tooth.


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