5 May, 2021

Juan Francisco Egozcue Ayala, M.D.

29 January, 2020

Rolando Daniel Hernandez Ayala, M.D

9 November, 2019

Fredy López López, M.D.

15 March, 2019

How to maintain an active sexual life in old age?

When it reaches a certain age it is very common for sexual activity to diminish and even to disappear, this is not necessarily because the couple […]
15 March, 2019

How to know if I need to go to the urologist?

Before anything else, to know when you need to go to the urologist in Tijuana, it is important to know what is urology. Urology is a […]
30 January, 2019

Victor Gutierrez, M.D.

6 November, 2018

Jacqueline Aragón M.D.

6 November, 2018

Víctor Hugo Andrade Soto, M.D.

6 November, 2018

Juan Carlos González Valle, M.D.